What is the relationship between the NSW SRC and the NSW Division of the ASRF?

The NSW SRC is a separate incorporated association; it is recognised by the RTA to represent the registration interests of all NSW Street Rodders. The NSW SRC recognises several street rod associations one of which is the ASRF. The ASRF does not operate a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) in NSW; rather, it outsources that role to the NSW SRC Inc. under a memorandum of understanding. The relationship with the ASRF has been proven to be very sound and durable for over 30 years.

 Why is the NSW SRC an independent body?

It is partly historical, as the NSW SRC Inc was formed in 1972 to represent the registration interests of ALL street rodders in NSW regardless of their membership of various associations. Secondly; it is practical. The NSW RTA only wants to deal with one representing body. As a registration purpose-constituted association the NSW SRC can remain independent of the various ‘political’ factions of the associations and continue to exist and function if any individual affiliated association should cease to exist.

How is the NSW SRC funded?

The NSW SRC a ‘Not for Profit’ association and is self-funding. From inception in 1972 to the date of writing this response (September 2006) no fees have been charged to the associations and no grants sought. The Conditional Registration system carries small fees for services based on direct cost recovery. Other funds have been sourced from fund-raising activities by the members over many years. These funds are held in an investment account known as ‘The fighting fund’. Finances are reported annually at the AGM.

How can I help the NSW SRC with fund raising?

You, or your club can make a donation, or offer proceeds from an event etc. The NSW SRC could, for example, send members to your event to supply support and advice etc.

How can I join the NSW SRC?

The committee members are elected at the AGM from nominees from the affiliated associations with the required skills (see the section on ‘Structure’).

What is a Street Rod?

A ‘Street Rod’ is a vehicle that has been modified for safe road use and that;
a) has a body and frame that were built before 1949, or
b) is a replica of a vehicle body and frame of which were built before 1949.

Where can I find a copy of the National Guidelines for the Construction and Modification of Street Rods in Australia?

At the Australian Department of Transport and Regional Services web site or more specifically go straight to the Street Rod Manual page.