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21 July 2019 Advice Sheet 1
All Hot Rod Clubs in NSW
Attention: The President and TAC Representatives
Dear Rodders
RE: Notification of S.R.C Annual General Meeting
The date has now been set for the 2017 NSW Street Rod Committee’s Annual General Meeting.
Meeting Date: Friday 16th August 2019
Venue: Dragens Club House
Start Time: 8 pm
We have specifically directed this notice to your Club President and your T.A.C Rep. We request your attendance so that your club obtains accurate information.
It is important that you know how easy it is to become part of the scheme which also has the benefit of lower costs.
Discussion Topics
1. Brake Tests – What is required for Conditional Street Rod Rego
2. Brake Pedal Ratio – What’s Good, What’s Bad, How to setup correctly
3. Stub Axles – What’s been in the News, how to identify what you have, Street Rod Committee’s requirements for initial registration inspections
Traditionally we hold a sausage sizzle with refreshments after this meeting. To enable us to forecast our catering needs. We would appreciate an acceptance to our invitation to attend.
Could you please fill in the lower section of this letter and return it to the Street Rod Committee. Alternatively email your attendance to billrelf@hotmail.com
Your sincerely CC State Director ASRF
CC All Member of SRC
Darren Abela, Chairman SRC CC Inspectors for SRC
 —————————————————————————————————————–
We will be attending the A.G.M. (Please circle) Yes No
Club Name ____________________President (Name) _________________
Contact Number ____________________TAC Rep (Name) _________________
Others (Names) ____________________Total Number Attending __________

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